The Telephone Befriending Service is a community based telephone befriending & support service which provides a link to a trained volunteer up to three times a week.

This FREE service is for Older People who are socially isolated or lonely.

The Befriending Service Line offers a friendly chat with someone who can summon help if it is required. Wherever possible we link service users with volunteers who share similar interests in the hope friendships can be formed.

The Telephone Befriending Service can also be a way of helping an Older Person in a crisis e.g. someone recently bereaved, feeling depressed and unsure about the future, by giving emotional support during our The Telephone Befriending Service involvement.

We have achieved the National Council Voluntary Organisations Mentoring & Befriending Approved Provider Standard Award.


How the TELEPHONE befriending service can help you.

We are committed to making a difference to Older People’s lives, especially those who live alone and don’t have relatives or friends popping in to see them on a regular basis.

  • We can provide a friendly phone call up to three times a week from one of our team of committed volunteers. This can make all the difference to an Older Person who may be feeling lonely and isolated.

  • The Telephone Befriending Service Co-ordinator or volunteer can also direct the Older Person and their carers to reliable sources of up to date information and advice on a variety of topics e.g. welfare benefits and care in the community.

  • Referrals can be made by anyone e.g. Older Person, their family, friends, carers and health professionals and can be made by emailing us at

How we work


  • We do not charge for our services.

  • We do not disclose personal information other than with your permission.

  • All conversations are conducted in private.

  • We can take action on your behalf if you wish us to do so.

  • We can tackle any discrimination or prejudice that you may be facing.

  • Your interests are our number one priority.

  • Even if we can’t help you we can point you in the direction of someone who can.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us.


what is active age?

Active Age is a community based befriending service. It is for anyone who is over 55 and will enable them to access and attend local groups and activities in their area to help them to explore old or new interests and form new friendships within their own community.

Loneliness can have a significant impact on a person’s wellbeing and is often associated with later life.  As you get older it’s common to find that your social circle starts to shrink.

Loneliness can have a devastating impact on our lives and can be a significant cause of depression, impact on physical health and also dementia.  There are however ways we can make sure we stay connected with the people in our communities around us as we get older.

Loneliness and isolation does not just affect people who live alone

This FREE service is for older people who are socially isolated or lonely but not necessarily living alone.

It covers the areas of Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire and Bolsover.



We at Age Concern understand what loneliness is and how it can affect you.

Active Age will match you up with a volunteer who is interested in you as a person and an individual. They will share or be willing to explore your interests and help you find local groups and clubs which you may want to try out or join.

They will accompany you to the group until you have established some new contacts or friendships and have built up enough confidence to go it alone.

If you would like more information on Active Age, please email us at

Registered Charity Number : 1143993

Registered COMPANY in England and WAles No: 7710836

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